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Explore the natural fragrance of Sampoorna Whole Wheat Atta with Multigrains. Sampoorna 
Whole Wheat Atta with Multigrains is 100% fresh and natural. Sampoorna Whole Wheat Atta is 
grinded using modern Wheat 'Chakki - Grinding' procedure for a perfect balance of colour, 
flavour and nutrition.Which is an integration of seven different grains - Wheat, Soyabean, 
Chanadal,Methi,Nachni,Maize and Jav. Sampoorna Whole Wheat Atta with Multigrain is 
enriched with vitamins and proteins which empower the immunity and body strength. It 
contains an added nutrient, fibre and has low content saturated fat, thus keeping your 
health and heart healthy. Eat heavy and feel light!.